Friday, October 22, 2010

Use IIS without Local Administrator Rights

Follow the below steps to allow the user to manage IIS (Internet Information Services) without the local administrator rights:
1) First Login with the local administrator rights.
2) Than to Control Panel and then Add/Remove Programs and then Windows Components. Then, install IIS components.(with i386)
3) After installing IIS, you have to Download “IIS Resource Kit Tools” from the below given link
IIS Resource Kit Tools (
4) After Download "IIS Resource Kit Tool" , Install it.
5) Now you have to open file "Metabase Explorer” from the below given path
C:\Program Files\IIS Resources\Metabase Explorer
6) In “IIS Metabase Explorer” window, right click on the computer name and select the “Permissions” tab
7) Now Add the user to whom you want to provide IIS access and give permission as "Read".
8) Now right click on the "LM" node and click on permission
9)If any Security Warning dialog box appears, then just click on NO.
10) Now in Permission , add the user give him with "Read"
11)Than, expand “LM” node and then right click on “W3SVC” node and select Permissions.add the user and give him with "Full" Permissions
12) Now Expand "W3SVC"
13) Right Click on "Filters" and "Info" and select Permission and add the user with "Full" permissions
14) Now ext the Metabase Explorer.
15) You need to logoff now.
16) Now login with the user account to whom you have provided access rights and try to Manage IIS Manage Console.
It will work perfect

This way you can use IIS without providing the user's with Local System Administrator Rights.

Raju Gunnal

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Unable to Connect Internet, But Able to Ping Google(all sites)

If you find your system is unable to connect to the internet,but you can able to ping Google and other sites,able to login in gtalk,Msn other messenger client. But Brower is not connecting to Internet. To rectify this Follow the following steps,you problem will be solved, as even i also faced the same kind of problem, by doing lot of R & D i got this Solution.


1. First Take the Registry backup, go to Start-Run-Regedit-Click OK
2. Select My computer right click on it and click on Export and select the location where you want to save your Registry backup.
3. Now Again go to Start-Run-Regedit-Click OK-go to the following location in registry
My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Winsock
My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Winsock
select it and delete both and exit the registry.
4. Now Reboot your System , its must
5.Now go to Control panel-Network Connections-Select the LAN, Right Click on it and select Properties.
6.Scroll Down until u get "internet Protocol(TCP/IP)" select it and Click on Install below.
7. Now a small window will open, Select Protocol-Click on ADD, again another window will open,There Select "Have Disk".
8. Now you will get another window, there you can find A:\ in that Place you need to give "c:\WINDOWS\inf" (without inverted commams).
9. Now Click on OK-OK-OK
10.Now again Reboot your system
11.Now check your brower open any website eg:- google now it will work, you can able to get that page.

Raju Gunnal