Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pen Drive unable to Detect or unable to format

Hi Friends,

If you are facing any problem with your pen drive like unable to format it or unable to copy files or folder ,here is the tool from HP by using it you can see your pen drive as it was before, you can download it from the below link

Good Luck
Raju Gunnal

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

When you click on Word or Excel in any Browser(like Sharepoint,Projectserver ) it gets crashed.

Hi all,
When you click on any Excel , Word or PPT file on any Browser, your Browser gets crashed. Even i have faced the same kind of problem, but finally i SOLVED the problem, just go to the
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office 12\OWSSUPP.DLL and delete OWSSUPP.DLL and then
Run the MS Office Diagnostic Tool in your start menu (MS Office/MS Office Tools) ,

It should find one error and fix it for you.

then restart your system .That's it your problem will be solved.

Raju Gunnal

A VMware ESX 4.x host becomes unresponsive and displays a purple diagnostic screen after changing the value of netPktHeapMinSize

To solve these Problem.
Prior to ESX 4.x, the netPktHeapMinSize value was measured in bytes. As of VMware ESX 4.x, the value is measured in megabytes.

In previous versions of ESX, you may have been directed to change the value of netPktHeapMinSize to a value of 16777216 to represent 16777216 bytes. The same value in ESX 4.x is interpreted as 16777216 megabytes or 16 terabytes. Allocating 16 terabytes of heap may have negative effects when attempting to boot the VMware ESX host.

To revert to the default value of 12 megabytes:

1. Go to the console of the ESX host and reboot the system.
2. When presented the boot menu, move the cursor keys to select Troubleshooting Mode and press Enter.
3. Log in as the root user when prompted.
4. At the prompt, run the command:

esxcfg-advcfg -k 12 netPktHeapMinSize

5. Reboot the server.
6. When presented the boot menu, move the cursor keys to select Normal Mode and press Enter.