Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pen Drive unable to Detect or unable to format

Hi Friends,

If you are facing any problem with your pen drive like unable to format it or unable to copy files or folder ,here is the tool from HP by using it you can see your pen drive as it was before, you can download it from the below link

Good Luck
Raju Gunnal


  1. waste of time! throw the device & get the new one

  2. Hi Nepx,
    Does your Pendrive takes a Drive Letter when you insert it in your laptop or computer,
    if your pendrive takes the drive letter , than you can run the installed HP Pen Drive tool, which you have downloaded from above URL and format it from it.
    It will work fine.

  3. what about formatting on Win7???

  4. fake can't download it!!!

  5. It worked for me. Thanks a ton!

  6. you could also use the windows program
    Open command prompt
    type format x: and press enter

    x - refers to the drive letter of the drive

  7. The tool was downloaded but the problem was not solved. You may be format ur device with Fat32 but the problem is not of formatting. Your copy pastes will be very slow. some where copying speed lys at 1.5mbs - 2.0 (that too degraded). May be we all are victim of duplicate pirated pen drives. No solutions found ..... :(
    I wasted my money .........