Friday, June 17, 2016

Failed to create journal file provider : failer to write header to /var/log/vmware/journal

Hi All,

You might come across the error message

"Failed to create journal file provider : failer to write header to /var/log/vmware/journal"

in vCenter task when you try to migrate VM or try to put host in maintenance mode.

The issue is cause because ther is not space left in RAMDisk

RAMdisk :


A ramdisk is a pool of memory that can be used to house objects. Its members all reside under a given mount point in the name space and all objects under that mount point are part of the ramdisk. A ramdisk is directly associated to a memory resource pool.  The ramdisk only uses memory to house its members. It can grow up to max (and shrink back down) but only min is guaranteed.


The RAMdisk contains all the folders that are listed within the command vdf-h. Each of the folders resides on a partition on the RAMdisk.  The default reserved size ie min for the default built in RAM disk partitions are below,


sizes in MB:


/root - Min : 32 , Max : 32

/etc  - Min : 28 , Max : 28

/opt  - Min : 0 ,  Max : 32

/Var  - Min : 5 ,  Max : 48

/tmp  - Min : 28 , Max : 192 --> ESXi 4.x 

/tmp  - Min : 28 , Max : 200 --> ESXi 5.0U1 

/tmp  - Min : 28 , Max : 256 --> ESXi 6.0
The main reason why the RAMDisk is getting filled is inappropriate log file path given i.e. /scratch log which is located at  
Select Host - > Configuration-> Advanced Settings -> Syslog-> (here the path should be /scratch/log but due to typo or unknown reason the path got changed to /scratch log (space was given).
Resolution -
1. We need to correct the path to
Select Host - > Configuration-> Advanced Settings -> Syslog-> ->/scratch/log
2. Login direc console
Vi /etc/vmsyslog.conf
locate /scratch log and change to /scratch/log
save the changes and quit.
3. Cleanup
SSH to the host or in the direct console
cd /
rm -rf /scratch\ log restart
Done with that we have changed the wrong /scratch log to correct one i.e. /scratch/log.
Now you will not see the error message.
let me know your comments and if issue is fixed.